Breathe Easy

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Contains Pure Essentials Oils.
Peppermint, Scotch Pine, Eucalyptus Blue Mallee, French Lavender

Breathe Easy is a blend of pure essential oils which help open up your nasal passages and awakens your senses. A great blend to diffuse if you have a cold and needing to uplifts your spirits. It's a perfect oil to diffuse all year round.

•Ideal for oil diffusers, oil burners or blended for massage.
•Add 4-5 drops into a diffuser or oil burner.
•Do not use undiluted on skin.
•Not to be taken.
•Store below 30 degrees away from sunlight and in a cool dark place.
•Keep out reach of children.
•Not to be used on children or people with medical conditions without medical advice.
•Possible irritant to sensitive skin.
•Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding.
•Made in Australia.