Wild Fig, Oakmoss & Cassis Candle - Nature

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It’s amazing how certain smells of a candle can trigger specific memories and places that are dear to people’s hearts. This is an aromatic candle with a rich blend of fruity, fresh and woody fragrances. It can make you feel like you are holidaying in the Mediterranean surrounded by all its beauty and nature, or you could be drifted away staying at an expensive boutique hotel taking in all its beautiful aromas as you enter the foyer. Candles play an important part in many people’s lives either for memories, relaxation or just for making a room come alive. Wild Fig, Oakmoss and Cassis to me is a fragrance like no other, it is quite an unusual scent but it sure gives off the most exceptional, enchanting perfume with an essence of elegance and sophistication. Enjoy!

Luxury - Pure Soy Candles – Hand poured in Australia – Triple scented

These luxury aromatic, triple scented candles are made with high quality 100% Pure soy wax without any chemical additives or stabilisers, Premium fragrances have been added into the soy to turn any space into a divine heavenly environment.

Luxury Matt Black

Burn time – 50 hours



Top - Fruity, Green, Fig, Citrus, Mandarin, Plum

Mid - Floral, Jasmine, Coconut

Base - Woody, Amber, Musk

Hand poured in Australia

Burning Instructions

Trim wicks before each use.

Place candle on a heat-resistant surface.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Never burn a candle near anything that can catch on fire.

For best results burn candle 2-3 hours at a time, never burn completely and be careful as container may be hot to touch.